A fun weekend desert hike turned to deadly tragedy when a married Yorba Linda couple died in the blistering heat near an extinct volcano called Amboy Crater about 80 miles east of Barstow in San Bernardino County.

The 58-year-old woman victim managed to use her cell phone to call the sheriff’s department for help after the two ran out of water and she was separated from her 60-year-old husband who was already suffering from a heart condition.

But rescuers were too late by the time the two victims were spotted by a helicopter.

Temperatures in the area were estimated to be about 113.

Kathie Barber, 58, called the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department at about 1:35 p.m. Saturday to say she had been hiking with her husband since 11 a.m., became separated from him and that he had a heart condition, according to sheriff’s officials.

He was identified as Gen Miake, 60.

Barber told dispatchers she had run out of water, officials said.

The hikers’ car was spotted by a helicopter drew at the Amboy trail head near Interstate 40.

The crew located the two bodies about 100 yards from each other and one to two miles east of the trail head, according to officials. They were in the open desert with no shade and a temperature estimated at 113 degrees.

The crew flew back to the trail head to pick up a San Bernardino County firefighter, who was taken to where the hikers were to confirm they were dead, officials said.

—City News Service

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