Bannon bashes Bush for red-meat Republicans

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Steve Bannon. Photo by Michael Vadon via Wikimedia Commons

California Republicans continue their state convention in Anaheim Saturday, but they’re still focused on the weekend’s biggest event — Steve Bannon’s red-meat speech lashing out at GOP stalwarts Sen. John McCain and ex-President George W. Bush as well as Democrats, Silicon Valley and the “permanent political class.”

Former White House chief strategist and senior counselor Steve Bannon was greeted with a standing ovation from a crowd that expressed strong support for the policies, tweets and controversial statement of President Donald Trump.

Bannon, believed to be one of Trump’s most influential advisors, is back as the top editor at right-wing website Breitbart News.

He didn’t hesitate to take on Republican former President George W. Bush for a speech this week that appeared to criticize Trump. Bannon said Bush ’embarrassed himself’ with the ‘highfalutin’ talk the ex-president himself didn’t understand.

Bannon predicted dire consequences for California because of its liberal government and political policies, saying the Democratic-majority state will a deade from now try to secede from the union if Trump is reelected.

“The K Street crowd, the donor class and the politicians they own, they’ve taken this country in a very, very dangerous direction,”  Bannon said, referring to the street many Washington lobbyists have their offices.

In the approximately 40-minute speech at the Anaheim Marriott, Bannon also targeted political consultants, “corporatists and globalist elites” and Silicon Valley, which he called “the beating heart of the resistance.”

No Republican was safe from Bannon’s attack.

He criticized the speech delivered by former President George W. Bush Thursday which was critical of President Donald Trump.

“President Bush to me embarrassed himself,” Bannon said. “The speechwriter wrote a highfalutin speech. It’s clear he didn’t understand anything he was talking about.

“He equates the Industrial Revolution, the agriculture revolution, globalization. He has no earthly idea whether he’s coming or going, just like it was when he was president of the United States.”

While Bannon was wildly cheered by Republicans attending the speech, numerous GOP elected officials stayed away.

One Republican political consultant told the Los Angeles Times that Bannon’s speech sends the wrong message in California, with a “downside if the party embraced what Steve Bannon is selling.”

Not surprisingly there were demonstrators outside the convention hotel, but no problems arose.

An estimated 100 people, mainly members of The Resistance-Northridge, Indivisible and Indivisible OC 46, protested outside. They were kept from the hotel by barricades.

The Resistance-Northridge, Indivisible bills itself as “a volunteer group of progressives in Northridge who are working together to drive political change at the local level.”

Indivisible OC 46 is based in Orange County’s 46th Congressional District and exists “to resist the Trump agenda based on a defensive and local strategy.”

Saturday’s agenda includes a lunch banquet speech by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, afternoon speeches by Fox News Channel host Jeanine Pirro, writer Stephen Moore, Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist and conservative activist Charlie Kirk; and a dinner banquet speech by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas.

The three-day convention will conclude Sunday with a general session considering resolutions.

— City News Service

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