wedding bride and groom at sunset
This is what the happy wedding couple expected, but a lawsuit says it definitely is not what the couple got at a Southern California hotel. Photo via Pixabay

A couple is suing the Hyatt Regency Westlake, alleging their wedding and reception plans that cost them nearly $30,000 at the establishment in 2018 were marred by flooded restrooms and floors so slippery that it was unsafe to dance.

Ian Iman Amirian and Ingrid Amirian filed the lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging breach of contract, negligence and premises liability. The suit seeks unspecified damages.

“Hyatt … failed to warn (the groom) of the dangerous and defective conditions that existed at the subject premises,” the suit states.

A Hyatt representative did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

The groom signed an agreement with the hotel on Jan. 17, 2018, in which he stated that more than 300 guests were anticipated to attend the event later at the Westlake Village hotel on Westlake Boulevard, the suit states. The hotel was to provide numerous amenities, including the ceremony, the reception, food, drinks and a dance floor on May 6, 2018, according to the lawsuit, all at a total cost of $27,840.

“Hyatt had an implied contractual obligation to provide a secure, safe and well-maintained venue for (the couple’s) wedding day,” the suit states.

Instead, the restrooms were flooded and the ceiling leaked due to a malfunction in the air conditioner, causing guests to slip on the dance floor, according to the complaint.

The entire day’s events were delayed while Hyatt crews made repairs, the suit states.

In violation of a written agreement, Hyatt did not provide the high quality drinks the groom requested, the suit states. Many guests frustrated by all the mishaps left early, the suit states.

On what should have been the happiest day of the groom’s life, he instead was embarrassed by the developments and suffered mental distress, the suit states.

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