Coachella received $12.5 million in state grants for various city improvement projects, city officials said Wednesday.

On Dec. 8, the city received an $8.45 million grant from the California Department of Parks and Recreation’s for its Central Park project. The 4.7-acre park located near Avenue 52 and Hernandez Street will feature a playground, shade, splash pad, multi-purpose pavilion with restrooms, community garden, multi-purpose court, fitness area and a picnic area with BBQ pits.

“Central Park will add a sizeable park to a park-less neighborhood and act as a trailhead since it will be approximately 900 feet from CV Link,” Mayor Steven Hernandez said in a statement. “The park will also benefit our industrial zone businesses. Should those employees want to enjoy lunch or go for a healthy walk they have a place to do it now.”

On Dec. 2, Chelsea Investment Corp. in partnership with the city received a $4.04 million grant from the California Department of Housing and Community Development to construct a park as well as improve the nearby infrastructure including streets and underground electrical systems in the area of Tripoli Avenue near Cesar Chavez Street.

The infrastructure project is tied to the development of the Tripoli Apartments, a three-story affordable housing complex that will feature 108 apartments.

“The grant will help us enhance our Pueblo Viejo District without utilizing our tax payers hard earned dollars,” said Coachella Mayor Pro Tem Josie Gonzalez. “We will see increased safety with street improvements, sidewalk enhancements and undergrounding our utilities. This is a win for our residents who will now have more choices in affordability near a soon-to-be-built Transit Hub and a win for our Pueblo Viejo District vision.”

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