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The city of Riverside will be offering part-time jobs to 50 residents between 16 and 30 years old over the next two years as part of an initiative to promote community involvement and employment opportunities for inexperienced workers, it was announced Monday.

The Youth Jobs Corps program was established under a $4.4 million state grant in support of nonprofit work opportunities, according to Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson.

“This is an opportunity for a new generation of civic-minded community members to step forward and make a difference,” she said.

The program, dubbed “Californians-For-All,” will place qualifying applicants in positions at food pantries, homeless shelters, the city’s Department of Public Works, Office of Emergency Services and Parks, Recreation & Community Services Department.

“This is beyond exciting,” Councilman Ronaldo Fierro said. “It’s community investment on a human scale and will produce impacts on issues critical to sustainability in Riverside. This is a fantastic initiative that will help train the leaders of tomorrow.”

Residents selected for the program will be paid $15 an hour and will receive on-the-job training.

Officials said the program will open up career pathways in the private and public sectors.

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