Artist's rendering of a proposed football stadium in Carson. Image via Twitter
Artist’s rendering of a proposed football stadium in Carson. Image via Twitter

There’s some bad news for the three cities trying to hold onto their NFL teams and stop them from moving to Los Angeles: Current stadiums aren’t good enough and neither are any of the proposed stadium replacements.

As NFL owners will vote this coming week on move proposals, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has concluded that none of those three cities vying to keep their football teams from heading  to Los Angles has a viable plan to replace “unsatisfactory and inadequate” stadiums.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Goodell’s conclusion was included in a 48-page report distributed to all 32 teams. The report does not give any team permission to move to Los Angeles, according to the Times, but establishes that their current home markets have failed to provide adequate stadium solutions.

National Football League owners will vote during a special meeting in Houston on Tuesday and Wednesday to decide which, if any teams, can move to Los Angeles.

The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders have proposed a joint stadium in Carson, while St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke is proposing a stadium for his team at the former Hollywood Park racetrack location in Inglewood.

Los Angeles, the nation’s second largest market, has been without its own professional football team for two decades.

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