Von Miller - Photo courtesy of Debby Wong on Shutterstock

A woman who sued former Rams linebacker Von Miller alleging he sent an embarrassing photo of her to others in 2020 has dropped her lawsuit less than a month after it was filed.

The woman, identified only as Jane Doe in the complaint brought April 20 in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleged the current Buffalo Bills player sent a sexually explicit photo of her to two unnamed celebrities “in a fit of jealousy, anger and rage.”

Doe’s lawyer filed court papers May 17 with Judge Teresa A. Beaudet asking that the suit be dismissed “with prejudice,” meaning it can’t be revived later. The court papers did not state whether a settlement was reached or if the plaintiff is not pursuing the case for other reasons. Her attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Doe alleged that the images were taken during sex and that both sides agreed they would not be shared. However, Miller, then a member of the Denver Broncos, allegedly texted the photos to two other people on May 7, 2020. One included the message, “This the (expletive) you want? You can have her dawg.”

The other one, send to a different person, asked, “This the (expletive) you want?”

The lawsuit sought damages and a court order barring the 33-year-old Miller from further disseminating the image.

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