A freeway bypass road north of Lake Elsinore was shut down Thursday, along with multiple other streets in the Temescal Valley, after storm runoff caused the locations to become submerged and impassable.

Riverside County Fire Department personnel monitoring storm activity in the Cleveland National Forest encountered flooding along Temescal Canyon Road at Indian Truck Trail, adjacent to Interstate 15, about 1:30 p.m.

A fire captain immediately requested that county Department of Transportation crews shut down a one-mile stretch of the bypass between Indian Truck Trail to the north and Horsethief Canyon Road to the south.

Crews also closed the intersection of Bosley Lane and Colt Drive, about a half-mile west of Temescal Canyon, after several feet of standing water created perilous driving conditions.

Grand Avenue between Amorose and Machado streets in Lake Elsinore was closed due to flooding at 3:20 p.m., while additional segments of Temescal Canyon, between Concordia Ranch Road and Earthmover Circle, as well as between Lawson and Maitri roads, were shut down because of high water flows.

Road crews deployed barricades at each location to stop traffic.

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