A fundraising campaign began Wednesday on behalf of the California Condor Recovery Program, including putting money toward naming a recently hatched condor at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Zoo officials called the hatching of the bird known as LA1720 a “miracle.” For any donated amount, people can select up to four potential names for the hatchling.

The fundraising campaign will end Jan. 7 or when the fundraiser reaches its goal of $25,000, whichever comes first.

Zoo officials said donations will support the program’s efforts, which include breeding, preparing condors for release into the wild, providing medical treatment for sick and injured birds, performing monitoring and interventions in the field, and training and mentoring staff from partner agencies and institutions

Each donor will be recognized on the zoo’s website with additional benefits depending on the amount of the donation.

All donations benefit the California Condor Recovery Program and are tax deductible.

More information on the campaign and LA1720 is available at www.lazoo.org/condorLA1720.

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