rain pelts Southern California
Example of rain in the Southland in a prior storm. MyNewsLA.com photo.

Light rain is falling on parts of the Southland Friday as the first of two storm systems moved into the region, but forecasters said the one-two punch could result in less precipitation in the Los Angeles area than originally expected.

According to the National Weather Service, the first storm system began moving across the state’s Central Coast early Thursday, making its way south. Rain was reported Thursday morning in some valley areas, along with some pockets of precipitation reaching into the West Los Angeles area.

But forecasters said the main front of the storm system appeared to stall over Ventura County, and possibly shift back to the north, “so it appears southern areas will get minimal precipitation from this first system.”

“It seems likely that most of L.A. County will still get some rain perhaps only a quarter- to half-inch or so,” according to the NWS.

Some lingering showers are possible into Friday, but the forecast now calls for mainly cloudy conditions.

A second storm system is expected to arrive in the region late Friday and into Saturday, but forecasters said the path of that system still appears to be in flux, and it could potentially also linger primarily to the north on Saturday and possibly push into L.A. County on Sunday.

“For L.A. and (Ventura) counties a quarter-inch to half-inch is forecast,” according to the NWS. “Snow looks like it will mostly fall around the resort levels keeping the major passes open.”

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