Political, business and faith leaders from western Riverside County are set to discuss how to move forward with reopening “lower-risk” businesses and easing coronavirus restrictions on public spaces during a news conference.

Speakers at the Monday event will include Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey, Corona Mayor Jim Steiner, First District Riverside County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries and Second District Riverside County Supervisor Karen Spiegel.

Officials from the Riverside and Corona chambers of commerce and business, Pastor Matt Brown of Sandals Church and business representatives are also scheduled to appear.

Speakers plan to discuss the progress made by Riverside County in combating the coronavirus and lay out the case for reopening retail and manufacturing businesses, recreation facilities and houses of worship, according to a news release from Bailey’s office.

The press conference is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. at MADE, 6520 Magnolia Ave., and will be livestreamed on the City of Riverside’s social media accounts.

“The effort to improve metrics has succeeded, meaning that hospitals have adequate capacity to deal with projected cases. The best course moving forward is to focus on vulnerable populations, including people in congregant living facilities, such as nursing homes, and the elderly,” the news release said. “Keeping the stay-at-home order in place indefinitely is creating a mental and physical impact on residents, who also are losing their jobs, their businesses and their ability to feed their families.”

As of Saturday, there are 4,164 confirmed coronavirus cases and the death toll stood at 161.

On Wednesday, Public Health Officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser extended the county’s emergency health order mandating social-distancing practices and requiring face coverings for residents when outside their homes, saying, “for the immediate future, this is the new normal in Riverside County.”

The following day, Riverside County Board of Supervisors Chairman Manuel Perez said he plans to ask the full board to terminate the four active public health orders next week amid evidence the coronavirus threat is receding and the need for economic recovery is growing.

If a majority of the board votes to rescind the orders, the county will revert to alignment with only mandates issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom, which focus on staying in the home under voluntary quarantine, with exceptions for so-called “essential” businesses and meeting everyday needs for personal well-being.

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