Three more coronavirus-related deaths and 146 newly confirmed cases were reported Saturday in Orange County, raising the county’s totals to 3,380 cases and 74 deaths.

The Orange County Health Care Agency has reported 22 fatalities since Monday. The number of patients hospitalized with the virus increased from 188 to 218, with the number in intensive care increasing from 74 to 88.

The total number of people in the county tested for the virus stands at 48,714, with 843 tests reported Saturday.

Of the county’s total cases, 2% involve people under 18 years old; 10% are between 18-24; 18% are between 25-34; 15% are between 35-44; 18% are between 45-54; 16% are between 55-64; 10% are between 65-74; 6% are between 75-84; and 4% are 85 and older.

Of the patients who died, 3% were 25 to 34 years old, 5% were 35 to 44, 9% were 45-54, 14% were 55-64, 16% were 65-74, 28% were 75-84, and 24% were 85 or older.

Men make up 54% of the county’s cases and 58% of its fatalities.

Latinos account for 36% of the fatalities and whites 34%, followed by Asians (20%). According to the Health Care Agency, 4% were black, 1% were native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 1% are mixed race, and 3% fall into the category of “other.”

Beaches in Orange County were open Friday, with restrictions, and so-called “low-risk” businesses such as clothing and book stores, music shops, toy stores, sporting goods stores and florists — all closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic — reopened with curbside service only.

The move to allow some businesses to reopen comes as the state relaxes its health order and as Gov. Gavin Newsom said the state will consider petitions from individual counties that want to go further and allow other businesses to open.

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