A Los Angeles Metro bus driver died from complications of COVID-19, the transit agency announced Friday, the second such death among the Metro ranks.

Metro CEO Phillip Washington highlighted the public health threat to other frontline workers.

“Our deepest condolences go out to the family, friends and coworkers of our close Metro family member,” Washington said. “This is a heartbreaking day for all Metro employees as we continue to face this grave public health threat. Our bus operators and frontline employees have, and will continue, to heroically serve the public by providing essential travel.”

The bus operator, who was assigned to Metro Division 13 in downtown Los Angeles, last worked in mid-May and tested positive for the virus on June 2. Metro authorities said they would not release the driver’s name out of respect for the privacy of the family. They did not provide details about the operator’s age or any underlying health conditions.

To date, there have been 100 confirmed coronavirus cases among Metro employees, contractors and vendors and one other death — a contract security guard who died April 13, according to the agency.

All riders are required to wear face coverings to help prevent spread of the virus, and the agency said it continues to work closely with public health officials to monitor the pandemic and implement safety recommendations.

A list of confirmed Metro COVID-19 cases can be found at www.metro.net/about/about-metro/metro-tracks-covid-19-cases/.

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