Photo by John Schreiber.
Photo by John Schreiber.

An Aeromexico jet’s brakes were slammed on, and a landing gear collapsed on takeoff from Los Angeles International Airport Saturday, and 129 passengers were evacuated past “red hot brakes” onto the runway.

LAX officials and firefighters said there no flames or injuries as passengers used stair trucks to evacuate onto the runway. An FAA spokesman said the newer-model Boeing 737 was left stranded on one of the four runways at LAX.

“The gear collapse caused damage to the left-side wing and Runway 25 Right. The aircraft is currently disabled on the runway,” said FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer in a statement.

Passengers from Aeromexico Flight 018, heading to Mexico City, rode busses back to the terminal to be rebooked on one of three remaining departures to the Mexican capital. The runway was closed, but LAX officials said no other flights were delayed in the three hours following the incident.

About 129 people were reportedly on the plane, as it braked to a halt on Runway 25 Right, the northernmost of the two southern parallel runways at LAX.

Fire department spokesman Erik Scott said dispatchers sent engines to the aborted takeoff at 6:33 a.m.

There was no immediate information on why the brakes engaged as the plane was rolling towards wheels up on the runway, which is reportedly 12,091 feet long. Pictures from the scene showed that several thousand feet of runway remained in the flight path.

—City News Service

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