Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Photo by John Schreiber.
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Photo by John Schreiber.

A Los Angeles County sheriff‘s deputy is accused by several detained women of similar accounts of sexual misconduct, it was reported Sunday.

The allegations against Hermann Kreimann, Jr. first surfaced in November 2013, when a female inmate in the Century Regional Detention Center reported to a sergeant that she had been forced to give oral sex to a deputy a month earlier, the Los Angeles Times reported.

One woman claimed Kreimman exposed himself to her in an attorney interview room and suggested oral sex, but she declined, The Times reported.

On a separate occasion, the inmate said the deputy implied he would allow her to visit another inmate if she had sex with him.

Another woman said Kreimann stopped her in a stairwell in February 204 and fondled her, The Times reported. And yet another woman said Kreimann asked her to show him her breasts.

Investigators collected DNA evidence from that attorney interview room and found five semen samples, the newspaper reported. One sample was linked to Kreimann, who was hired by the Sheriff’s Department in 2009.

The other four remained unidentified.

When he appears for a disciplinary review, Kreimann will be required to answer questions about the semen samples found in the attorney interview room, sheriff’s Cmdr. Keith Swensson told The Times. Under California law, police officers can be compelled to answer questions during administrative investigations.

— City News Service

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