A woman suspected of wounding three people before taking her own life in a shooting at YouTube offices in Northern California was a 39-year-old resident of Menifee who traveled to the company’s Bay Area campus from San Diego, it was reported Tuesday.

The suspect drove from San Diego Tuesday morning to the San Bruno offices of the online video company before opening fire as employees were taking their lunch breaks, KRON4 reported, citing an unnamed source.

She was identified as Nasim Aghdam, 39, according to CBS News, which reported that she asked for the male victim, believed to be her boyfriend, by name.

Officers searching the grounds of the complex for the assailant and victims found the body of the suspect, who apparently had turned her pistol on herself, officials told reporters.

The shooting left the male victim in critical condition and two women hospitalized with less serious wounds. Police said another woman injured an ankle while fleeing the scene.

The gun violence was believed to have stemmed from a domestic dispute, according to some news reports, but according to others, a website containing complaints about YouTube by Aghdam or someone with a similar name was being investigated.

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