A failed sewage pump caused backups in some homes and businesses Wednesday in San Gabriel, including a senior living facility that was flooded on its first floor.

San Gabriel’s public works team was working on the problem, which was affecting residents and businesses on Arroyo Drive, the city announced just after 6 p.m.

Police said the blockage was affecting the 300 to 900 blocks of Arroyo Drive.

“The sewage blockage is currently impacting our sewer system’s ability to carry sewage upstream,” according to a statement issued by the city. “As a result, some residents may experience a backup with their sewage.

“While we attempt to resolve this blockage, we ask that affected residents and businesses along Arroyo Drive attempt to reduce usage of the city’s sewage system while our crew works to resolve this issue.”

Residents were asked to limit usage of “washing machines, dish washers, toilets, bathtubs and any other activity that may produce wastewater.”

First-floor residents of the Vista Cove senior living facility at 901 W. Santa Anita St. were relocated to upper floors, officials said.

The city announced at 9:20 p.m. that the affected pump was repaired and normal sewage flow was restored.

“Our public works team will continue to monitor the situation to ensure the system operates as normal throughout the night,” according to the announcement. ” Moving forward, we’ll have more information for affected businesses and residents tomorrow morning once we’ve been able to investigate the situation. Thank you again for your patience.”

The affected blocks of Arroyo Drive were closed to traffic as fire personnel assisted residents.

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