A Palmdale patrol car was charred Saturday while the deputy who drove it helped arrest a man suspected of threatening to shoot someone, authorities said.

The fire started  about 4 p.m. at Fourth Street East north of Avenue P- 14, after the deputy and a partner parked the cruiser on some tall grass, which touched off a fire, Lt. Steve De Jong of the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station said.

The suspect was arrested in the field shortly after threatening to shoot his brother a few minutes earlier at a home in the 38000 block of Stanridge Avenue, De Jong said.

“(Officers) were more focused on the man with a gun” than the burning patrol car, he said.

The suspect was taken into custody and no gun was recovered, De Jong said.

The patrol car was singed on the outside, but the inside was not damaged, he said.

No injuries were reported.


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