A so-called knock-knock burglary suspect who allegedly targeted homes in the San Pedro area has been nabbed with the help of watchful neighbors and been sentenced to two years in prison, authorities said Thursday.

Richard Rashad Golden, 19, was arrested on June 8, according to the Los Angeles Police Department and sheriff’s inmate records.

He is suspected of burglarizing a home on Jan. 29 near the 3400 block of Anchovy Avenue and another near the 1300 block of 26th Street, police said.

“The suspect would knock on the door of a residence multiple times,” according to a police statement. “If the resident was home, he would ask to speak with a randomly named person who did not live at the location. The resident would tell the suspect the named person did not live there and the suspect would leave. If the resident did not answer the door, the suspect would then enter the residence and take the resident’s property. The suspect was committing these crimes with the assistance of another person who would drive around the area or park and wait until the suspect committed the burglary. The suspect would then get in the vehicle with the stolen property and flee the location. These crimes primarily occurred in the daytime.”

A resident saw and photographed a suspicious silver minivan that was parked in the neighborhood and reported it to police. The photo was also circulated on social media, police said.

“An extensive investigation revealed that the suspect had committed the same exact crime at another residence near the 1300 Block of 26th Street,” police said, adding that detectives and officers with the LAPD’s Harbor Division arrested Golden in connection with both burglaries.

Golden was charged with two counts of burglary and ended up pleading no contest to one, while the other was dismissed. He has been sentenced to two years in state prison, according to court records.

“If not for the efforts of the community, cases like this would never be solved,” LAPD Detective Tom Baran said. “I want to thank everyone involved in this effort. Because of them, this arrest was made possible.”

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