A 35-year-old man pleaded guilty Friday and was immediately sentence to three years in prison, or time already served in custody, to leading police on a chase before holing up in his apartment for hours in Orange.

Christian Navareyes pleaded guilty to leading police on a chase, driving against traffic in a police chase, and resisting arrest, all felonies.

He also admitted a sentencing enhancement for the use of a knife in his confrontations with police.

Navareyes also admitted misdemeanor counts of harming an officer’s dog, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license and on a suspended license.

More serious charges of assault with a weapon on police were dropped in the plea deal with prosecutors.

The series of conflicts with police started about 6 p.m., March 5, 2017, following a crash in the 600 block of Glassell Street, where he confronted officers with a knife, police said.

The defendant got back in his car and raced away, with police following him to his apartment in the 200 block of South Lemon Street.

He ditched the car there, threatened officers with the knife again and then ran into his apartment, where he stayed for hours, police said.

Navareyes was shot with less-than-lethal rounds and police also tried to subdue him with Tasers, his attorney Laurence Young said. Police also tried to get him out of the apartment with tear gas, and a police dog got a cut on its nose while trying to roust the defendant, Young said.

When he confronted police, the defendant was “yelling and screaming incoherently, just nonsense, if you will,” Young said.

Navareyes appeared to have experienced “some sort of mental stress, some sort of breakdown” at the time, Young said.

Navareyes was 15 to 30 feet away from police when he waved the knife around, according to Young.

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