A 51-year-old Huntington Beach man who was hired to release doves at a funeral in Orange County was due to be arraigned Friday in Superior Court in Newport Beach on a charge of making criminal threats against the customer who hired him and refused to pay because an argument led to the service not being rendered.

Mitchell Ralph Todd was arrested on Dec. 13 after being charged a week earlier, according to Michelle Van Der Linden of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

A search of his home turned up 57 firearms, nearly 30,000 rounds of ammunition, over 100 magazines, body armor, swords and Nazi paraphernalia, Van Der Linden said.

Police also found a practice bomb, which typically contain non-explosive charges, according to Van Der Linden.

The dispute dates back to Nov. 10, when Todd, who owns a company called OC Doves, and the customer allegedly got into a disagreement, Van Der Linden said.

Todd did not render the dove-release service but still requested payment, she said.

Todd allegedly left a series of threatening voicemails for the customer further demanding payment, the last one including a recording of gun being cocked, Van Der Linden said.

If convicted as charged, Todd faces three years in state prison, she said.

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