A Riverside burglar who sexually assaulted girls and women, terrorizing one young mother trying to protect her child, was sentenced Friday to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Pedro Paredes Ramirez, 33, was convicted during a November bench trial of four counts of lewd acts on a minor, two counts of assault with intent to commit rape, burglary, peeping and several sentence-enhancing allegations of committing a sexual offense during a burglary and targeting multiple victims in a sexual offense.

Riverside County Superior Court Judge Mac Fisher imposed the sentence prescribed by law.

All of Ramirez’s offenses were concentrated in the Arlanza quarter of Riverside and occurred over a nearly year-long span, beginning near the end of 2015.

According to Deputy District Attorney John Henry, Ramirez’s predatory behavior began with his peeking into bedroom windows to watch women and children.

Ramirez was selecting targets while cruising an area where relatives lived, and investigators believe he committed more peeping tom crimes than those for which he was eventually charged.

Henry said the first assault involved a girl under 10 years old whom Ramirez contacted as he stood outside her window one night.

“He told her he had a gift for her mother and to let him in the house,” Henry said. “Once inside, he fondled her in two different rooms, then left.”

Weeks later, the defendant forced his way into a home where two women, roommates 19 and 20 years old, were sleeping. He groped both victims, waking one of them, who screamed, at which point he fled outside to his SUV and sped away, according to the prosecution.

In the predawn hours of Oct. 9, 2016, Ramirez went on a burglary spree, first targeting a single-story house in the 6900 block of Adler Place, where he opened a window and crawled into the bedroom of a 13-year-old developmentally disabled girl.

Henry said Ramirez molested the child until awakening her mother, who entered the room and screamed on seeing Ramirez.

The child’s father jumped out of bed and chased Ramirez, who fled from the property and took off in his GMC Yukon.

Less than an hour later, on Crest Avenue, Ramirez broke into a house occupied by a woman and her four children, including a 12-year-old girl who immediately got the assailant’s attention, according to Henry.

The mother locked herself in a room with the girl, at which point Ramirez stood outside the door, “pleasuring himself,” Henry said.

Ramirez left a short time later, and about 4:30 a.m., he stopped his vehicle in front of a home in the 6800 block of Comstock Avenue. Henry said Ramirez was scoping out a way into a house occupied by several women, but he was spotted by two men who recognized his SUV as one mentioned in police neighborhood watch alerts, and they confronted him.

Ramirez turned hostile, and when one of the female occupants of the house came out to question why he was there, Ramirez lunged at her, leading to a struggle between him and the men, causing him to lose his cellphone, according to police.

Ramirez escaped in his SUV, returning to his Moreno Valley residence.

Investigators used the cellphone to track him down and amass evidence that culminated in his arrest a few days later.

Ramirez had no documented prior felony convictions.

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