Sheriff’s officials Saturday sought the public’s help in identifying and locating three men who snatched a victim’s gold chain, a large amount of cash and green “Jordan” basketball shoes at a convenience store in South Los Angeles on March 16.

The victim was in the back of the store at about 10 p.m. on March 16 when one of the suspects approached and complimented him on his shoes. The victim then walked to the front of the sore and proceeded to pay for his merchandise, said Deputy Grace Medrano of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Information Bureau.

“As the victim was standing in line, Suspect #1 began to push the victim towards the back of the store at the same time Suspect#2 and #3 followed and surrounded the victim,” Medrano said. “While the suspects surrounded him, Suspect #3 punched the victim in the head and Suspect #1 reached into the victim’s pocket.”

The attack occurred at a convenience store in the 11200 block of Normandie Avenue, she said.

“Suspect #1 forcefully grabbed the victim’s gold chain from his neck, green `Jordan’ basketball shoes that the victim was wearing and a large amount of cash,” she said.

All three suspects ran out of the store and fled northbound on Normandie Avenue into a gray compact vehicle that was parked at the location. The suspects’ vehicle had minor damage to the rear driver’s-side door, Medrano said.

Suspect #1 was described as a 6-feet tall black male weighing 290 pounds and between 30 and 35-years-old. The other two suspects were described as 5-feet-8-inch-tall black males weighing 150 pounds between 28 and 30 years old.

Sheriff’s South Los Angeles station detectives asked anyone with information regarding the attack to call them at (323) 820-6700.

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