A Desert Hot Springs spokeswoman vowed Tuesday that the city will conduct a thorough, fact-based investigation into police Chief Dale Mondary, who has been placed on paid administrative leave.

“What these investigations are here for, it allows us to take any information — the facts, the witnesses and so on and so forth — and investigate that thoroughly, and, let the facts speak for themselves,” DHS spokeswoman Doria Wilms said during a City Hall news conference. ” So, we want the community to feel confident in our commitment to ensuring the public trust in this matter.”

Mondary was placed on administrative leave Monday. The city has not disclosed the reasons for the action, describing it only as a “personnel matter.”

Some media reports have suggested Mondary is being investigated for allegedly inappropriate social media contact with unnamed parties.

Wilms said the undisclosed allegation leading to the investigation was the first complaint against Mondary in his four-year term as chief. She also said DHS City Manager Chuck Maynard authorized Mondary’s leave, as well as the investigation, which will be handled by a private law firm.

Wilms asked residents to respect the privacy of Mondary, his family and the police.

“We just want to get through a very fair and fact-focused investigation on the matter,” Wilms said.

Deputy Chief Jim Henson will serve as interim chief during the investigation.

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