A longtime Beverly Hills police civilian employee who alleged he was discriminated against by Chief Sandra Spagnoli because he is in his 50s has settled his lawsuit against the city, court papers obtained Tuesday show.

Lawyers for Clark Fogg filed a notice of settlement Monday with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Susan Bryant-Deason. No terms were divulged and the papers did not state if the settlement was subject to City Council approval.

Fogg was hired by the city in 1984 and has served as both a forensic specialist, and, as of 2005, as a senior forensic specialist working in the crime lab, according to his court papers. He alleged that after Spagnoli became chief in 2016, he began suffering harassment and discrimination because of his age.

Fogg alleged he was often told by Spagnoli and other BHPD members that he should consider retirement. Fogg was 55 years old at the time and is now 57.

The chief removed his crime lab supervisory duties and assigned them to a less experienced sergeant, according to Fogg, who testified on behalf of four other members of the BHPD who also are alleging disparate treatment by Spagnoli. That case is currently in trial before a jury.

Lawyers for the city denied Fogg’s allegations and stated in their court papers that the actions taken concerning him were supported by legitimate reasons unrelated to his age.

The city’s lawyers further maintained in their court papers that Spagnoli assigned a sergeant to oversee the day-to-day operations in the crime lab based on operational needs and not because of Clark’s age. They also maintained he suffered no damages.

While testifying in the other BHPD members’ case, Fogg acknowledged that some women who worked for him complained about being called “girls” and other demeaning labels.

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