Two California Highway Patrol officers and a gunman were wounded Monday during an exchange of gunfire on the south end of Riverside.

The officer-involved shooting occurred about 5:35 p.m. in the area of Box Springs Boulevard and Eastridge Avenue, just west of Interstate 215.

According to Riverside Police Department Officer Ryan Railsback, the CHP officers returned gunfire when shot upon by the man, whose name was not released. The circumstances were unclear.

Railsback said both officers were hit, though the gravity of their wounds could not immediately be confirmed.

“One officer was transported to the county hospital in Moreno Valley in our (police) helicopter,” Railsback told City News Service. “The other officer was taken to the hospital in a CHP unit.”

According to Railsback, the suspect was “down and neutralized,” no longer posing a threat. There was no word on his wounds.

There were indications that several passers-by were hit by flying glass or “shrapnel” during the gunfire, and Riverside Fire Department paramedics were searching for those parties in the area.

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