A six-member Los Angeles Port Police dive crew has been deployed to assist authorities in Santa Barbara County with search and recovery efforts in the aftermath of the scuba diving charter boat tragedy.

On Tuesday, the crew arrived at the site with a 70-foot dive boat and state-of-the-art sonar equipment that can scan the ocean floor and relay video images to the crew aboard the vessel. Port police personnel have been assisting in gathering evidence, documenting the debris area, and in dive operations.

“Our hearts go out to the victims and the surviving families and friends of this terrible accident,” said Port of Los Angeles Police Chief Tom Gazsi. “It is a privilege to provide allied assistance along with the many public safety agencies who are working hard to locate those lost and support the investigation of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.”

Port Police have acquired sonar equipment with federal Homeland Security grants, and the equipment has been used in the force’s ongoing security operations, as well as in a number of search and rescue operations in recent years.

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