A man and woman were sought by authorities in La Mirada Wednesday after surveillance video showed the man get out of an SUV, place a dog on the ground and shoot the animal twice, killing it, then drive away.

The act of animal cruelty occurred at 16450 Phoebe Ave. about 12:45 p.m. Sunday, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Norwalk Station, which provides law enforcement services for La Mirada.

A witness told deputies the man got out of the passenger side of a white Jeep Grand Cherokee and placed something on the ground near the gutter, then fired two shots, the department said.

The suspect got back into the Jeep and both suspects drove away southbound on Phoebe Avenue, then turned left on Firestone Boulevard and out of view, the LASD said.

The witness, identified by NBC4 as Alex Csonka, then found a dog dead from gunshot wounds lying on a dog bed in the gutter, the department said.

“I can’t believe someone would actually do that and not give it away to a shelter or put it down,” Csonka told the station. “And also, if they’re willing to kill the dog … What were they willing to do to us?”

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