The Los Angeles Police Department is warning people Wednesday about scams designed to defraud people out of their federal coronavirus relief money.

“Anyone calling, or knocking on your door, regarding your stimulus check is likely an identity thief,” the department said.

The “stimulus check” is not in check form at all, and the money instead will be given through direct deposit from the IRS, the department noted. No forms are required, and the “government won’t ask for payment up front to process the payment.”

Fraudsters are employing a number of tricks during the COVID-19 pandemic that police want the public to be aware of, such as a scam involving in-home test kids for the virus or products that cure or treat it, none of which exist at this time.

The LAPD advises that people continue to stay home, wash their hands, and “be vigilant for anyone attempting to sell you `snake oil’ cures, treatments, tests or vaccines,” or trying to obtain personal information by claiming to be health or government officials.

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