A 50-year-old man was charged Tuesday with stabbing a friend in a Lake Forest apartment when the victim accused him of stealing his property.

Kirk Thomas Michelson was charged with attempted murder with a sentencing enhancement for attempted premeditated murder and the personal use of a deadly weapon and inflicting great bodily injury on the victim, according to court records.

The victim — a 61-year-old man — was stabbed during an argument with Michelson over allegations that the defendant took some of the victim’s property, Orange County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dennis Breckner said.

Investigators suspect the stabbing happened on Thursday in the 20000 block of Osterman Road, Breckner said.

Sheriff’s deputies were called about 5:30 a.m. Friday when a roommate of the victim’s returned home and saw the blood from the attack, Breckner said. The victim “hunkered down in a bathroom” for about eight hours before the roommate returned home and called 911, Breckner said.

The suspect never left the residence, Breckner said.

The victim was taken to an area hospital, but it was unclear if was still hospitalized, Breckner said.

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