A driver on probation and his female passenger, both 28 years old, were pulled over and in Glendale arrested for allegedly selling illegal drugs, police said Tuesday.

Officers pulled over a vehicle about 1 a.m. Monday for allegedly “driving straight through the intersection of Western Avenue and Lake Street from a left turn and for not having a driver’s side view mirror,” according to Sgt. Christian Hauptmann of the Glendale Police Department.

During the traffic stop, officers saw a semi-automatic pistol magazine in the vehicle and determined that the driver, Hamza Shaikh, of Northridge, was on probation for illegal drug sales, Hauptmann said.

They detained Shaikh and his passenger, Mariana Godinez, of Northridge, and found a Tupperware container of methamphetamine, as well as multiple plastic baggies of methamphetamine, a methamphetamine pipe and ammunition inside Godinez’s purse, according to Hauptmann, who added that Godinez was also found to have about $1,000 in cash and additional unused plastic baggies.

Inside the vehicle, officers found prescription pills without a prescription, a scale and other evidence of alleged illegal drug sales, according to Hauptmann.

Both were arrested for possession of controlled substances for sale, Shaikh was also arrested for being a convicted felon in possession of a pistol magazine and ammunition, Hauptmann said.

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