More Torrance Police Department officers are on the road Friday evening looking for drivers suspected of being under the influence or driving distracted.

“This pandemic is impacting all of us in difficult ways,” Sgt. David Koenig said. “We want everyone to be as safe as possible, especially when they are on the road.”

The department, which will be conducting DUI enforcement until 2 a.m. Saturday, reminded drivers not to drink alcohol or use medications without reading warning labels before driving.

Officers will also be on the lookout Friday night for drivers using their cellphones, which is against the law.

“Distracted driving is a serious issue, but one that can be easily solved simply by putting the phone down,” Koenig said. “That text, phone call, email or social media post can wait.”

Drivers pulled over for cellphone use could be fined $157 for their first offense, Lt. Cody Charley said.

“Other distractions include eating, grooming, talking to passengers, using GPS, adjusting the radio, taking off a jacket, reaching for an object on the floor or navigating a vehicle’s in-dash touchscreen,” Charley said.

Funding for the added patrols comes from a grant provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety.

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