A Panorama City man and his 20-year-old daughter were fatally electrocuted Monday when they came in contact with a downed power line.

Firefighters went to the family’s home in the 14700 block of Tupper Street about 2:45 a.m., according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The victims, who died at the scene, were identified by the coroner’s office as Ferdinand Tejada, 53, and Janine Reyn Tejada, 20.

According to KTLA5, the father went outside when he heard a “loud pop” and was electrocuted, and his daughter went to his aid and also was killed. His wife, a nurse, called 911 and was told to stay inside until emergency crews arrived or she could meet the same fate as her husband and daughter, Channel 5 reported.

Utility crews arrived and shut off power in the immediate area.

In a statement, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power said the deaths “are a sobering reminder that live electrical wires can and will often result in death.”

“Contacting electric equipment is extremely dangerous,” the DWP statement sayhs. “Always assume that the power is on. Electrical equipment and wires often carry thousands of volts of electricity and are never safe to handle by anyone other than a qualified and trained electrical worker.”

The DWP reminded residents not to touch downed lines and to call 911 if they see one. Similarly, people shouldn’t touch others who appear to be lying near a wire or are in contact with one.

“The current that incapacitates a victim can also harm would-be rescuers. Instead, call emergency services immediately.”

The Los Angeles Police Department and LADWP were investigating.

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