College of the Desert’s spring semester open registration begins next week, and thanks to a federal grant, students will be paid up to $100 per unit.

Under the grant from the U.S. Department of Education, students will be paid regardless of classes being credit or noncredit, college officials said. The grant is aimed at getting people back to school amid the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the college, students taking up to 18 for-credit course units would earn up to $1,800 for the semester, more than double the per-unit cost of $46.

Spring semester enrollment begins Dec. 8, and students must enroll by March 15 to qualify for the grant.

“This has been a challenging 20 months for so many of our students. However, I would like for them to know that College of the Desert is here and ready to help them realize their dreams of a college education,” said Superintendent Martha Garcia.

“We will offer multiple ways students can take classes, including in-person, online, hybrid, and hyflex, making it more convenient and flexible than ever to attend and complete their educational goal.”

Interested students are asked to contact Enrollment Services at 760-346-8041.

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