Even as some Southland firefighters and other first responders return from being deployed to Texas to help with the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort, more than 70 Los Angeles Fire Department members are being sent from the Houston area to Alabama in advance of approaching Hurricane Irma.

The L.A. firefighters are expected to arrive for Irma duty by midnight Thursday.

The firefighters, part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s California Task Force 1, were originally deployed to Texas on Aug. 27. The team includes doctors, K-9 handlers, water rescue specialists and hazardous materials experts, according to the LAFD’s Peter Sanders.

The Task Force was demobilized on Tuesday and began making plans to return to Los Angeles before being rerouted to Alabama Wednesday, Sanders said.

In the Houston area, they worked with other FEMA teams and local and regional agencies, making rescues of people, pets and livestock from flooded communities, Sanders said.

California Task Force 1 is due to arrive in Alabama by midnight Thursday, he said.

–City News Service

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