Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is expected to be in San Francisco on Thursday for a conversation at the Commonwealth Club with political journalist Scott Shafer of KQED.

The conversation will be live-streamed, and comes as Garcetti has been taking numerous trips out of the city or state while he explores a run for the presidency.

Garcetti visited three states in four days last month for events or speeches in Las Vegas, South Carolina and Colorado, and earlier in the month took a three-day trip to Ohio.

A news release from Garcetti’s political spokesman, Yusef Robb, said Garcetti “will discuss Washington’s inability to adapt fast enough to prepare Americans for the future and contrast that with the progress being made by local government. Mayor Garcetti will contrast the indecency and dysfunction that defines Washington today with the true nature of the American people and what they want and need, and will argue that while Washington sows division — urban vs. rural, coastal vs. heartland, immigrant v.s born here — the real division in this country is between Washington and the rest of us.”

The conversation will be streamed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IMjCinf-iI, or www.facebook.com/thecommonwealthclub/ at noon.

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