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Image via Wikimedia Commons.

The Game testified Thursday that he recorded cell phone video of a 2012 beating he dealt another rapper because he thought it was funny at the time, and has not changed his mind three years later.

“I’m chuckling now,” the 35-year-old performer said under questioning by Steven Soloway, the attorney for plaintiff 40 Glocc.

Asked by Soloway what he meant when he told 40 Glocc, “Let’s finish it,” The Game replied, “I meant get up and fight like a man.”

The Game said he sent the video “to a few friends.” He also said he was a member of a Los Angeles street gang.

Glocc 40, whose real name is Lawrence White, sued The Game in October 2012. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera is hearing the non-jury trial of his lawsuit.

Glocc 40 testified Tuesday he was leaving the Hollywood party on July 7, 2012, when he heard someone say, “Turn up.” He said he turned around and saw The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor.

The Game, a Grammy nominee and prominent member of the West Coast hip hop scene, asked one of the men with him for a handgun, Glocc 40 said.

“He cocked it, put a bullet in the chamber and said, ‘You heard me, I said turn up,”‘ Glocc 40 said. “I turned and ran. I got chased down.”

But The Game denied he ran after the rapper, who’s now 40 years old, in order to fight him. He also said that despite tweeting that he sold a pair of his sneakers with drops of Glocc 40’s blood on them for $450, he did not receive any money for the shoes.

“I gave them away,” The Game said.

He said he went to the party “with a few girls” and some other friends. He testified he went to yet another party after he and his companions left the first one.

Lonnie Brandon, the attorney for The Game, said Glocc 40 is a member of a Colton street gang.

— City News Service 

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