It was meant to promote the upcoming documentary “Straight Outta Compton,” but a meme generator is being used to produce hilarious — and sometimes haunting — images far afield.

Straight Outta meme generator. Image via
Straight Outta meme generator. Image via
At, people have been adding photos and taglines that aren’t geographical (such as “Straight Outta Oxford” or “Straight Outta Long Beach).

On Instagram, more than 143,000 references to #straightoutta show imagination that Hollywood would covet, including “Straight Outta Ideas” (with a photo of the Hollywood sign.) But also: “Straight Outta Hell.”

According to wsadata’s report on the meme site and whois domain name information, the site was created July 23 — straight outta Wilmington, Delaware.

The obvious jokes are there: “Straight Outta Milk” and “Straight Outta The Toaster.”

But even religion emerges, with a picture of Jesus and the label “Straight Outta The Grave.”

Bleacher report assembled memes with a sports theme: “Straight Outta Draft Picks” and “Straight Outta The Sweet 16” among many.

Some of our favorites:

AKA my worst nightmare. #straightoutta #straightouttacompton #nachos #mustlovenachos #mondayproblems

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#straightoutta #compton #hulkhogan

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