The National Enquirer famously helped torpedo Democrats John Edwards and Gary Hart as presidential hopefuls. Don’t look for Donald Trump or Chris Christie to suffer the same fate.

Donald Trump makes cover of National Enquirer. Image via
Donald Trump makes cover of National Enquirer. Image via
The supermarket tabloid is part of American Media Inc., whose CEO and chairman is David Pecker.

And guess who’s pals with Pecker.

The New York Daily News, quoting an “insider,” says “Trump is a big friend of Pecker. So no John Edwards-type investigations.”

This week’s Enquirer trumpeted “Charismatic billionaire Donald Trump writes exclusively for the Enquirer.”

But New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lists Pecker as part of his 2016 presidential campaign’s New Jersey “finance leadership team.”

And Mother Jones magazine reported that a Christie super PAC got $10,000 from American Media Inc.

“The normally scandal-happy Enquirer has been bullish about Christie’s chances,” Mother Jones said. “Last April, it published an ‘EXCLUSIVE!’ boasting that the governor’s White House dreams were ‘alive’ because ‘American politics is full of comeback stories.’ And in February, it published another item touting Christie’s chances despite ‘hatchet job’ corruption claims.”

In any case, Trump and Pecker are soulmates on the financial front. Both have used federal law to declare bankruptcy, with American Media filing for Chapter 11 in 2010.

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