“MythBusters,” the Discovery Channel series featuring explosions and movie-scene challenges, is being mourned after its hosts announced 2016 will be its 14th and final season.

Adam Savage (left) and Jamie Hyneman, hosts of “MythBusters.” Photo via Twitter
“It is a matter of cancellation, not of resignation, though there was probably some sort of ticking expiration date coded into the partnership of hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman,” said Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times.

Hyneman said Savage wants to do more television and Hyneman may retire from the air.

“Whatever happens, one hopes that the end of ‘MythBusters’ does not betoken a growing public disinterest in fact-based reality. The great gift of the series has been to remind us that the world isn’t always what we want or believe it to be, that your beliefs can be tested and might be proved wrong — which is not at all the same thing as ‘losing.’

“Indeed, if you prize fact over faith, you can only win.”

Here’s how the announcement unfolded on Twitter:

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