Here’s what happens when “Build That Wall” becomes a cultural touchstone: It becomes fodder for a children’s cartoon.

King Julien of Netflix cartoon. Image via
As The Huffington Post noted: “The Emmy-winning Netflix original show ‘All Hail King Julien,’ based on the popular DreamWorks movie-series ‘Madagascar,’ debuts its third season Friday. And there’s an episode about Trump. Although the King Julien character was not originally intended to be a Trump parody in the ‘Madagascar’ universe, the show’s creators decided the royal lemur could be a perfect teaching tool for the perilous evil of the similarly small-handed candidate.”

Producer Mitch Watson was quoted as saying: “DreamWorks and Netflix have been very supportive about the kind of stories we wanted to tell on the show. We specifically wanted stories that had some kind of social satire.

“The song ‘Don’t Touch Our Stuff’ is essentially about building a wall to keep other animals away because Julien and the lemurs feel they are taking away their jobs even though the lemurs don’t work, and taking their housing even through there are plenty of trees, and eating their food even though there is more than enough for everyone.”

Long live the lemur, some said.

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