Robin Williams was remembered Thursday on the second anniversary of his self-inflicted death at age 63. But one author, who also fought depression, is saying the comic legend should not be blamed.

Robin Williams. Photo via
Robin Williams. Photo via
“Suicide is a symptom of an illness,” wrote Matt Haig in an tribute shared via Twitter. “The illness is called depression. People die from other illnesses and it is not called selfish.”

The author of “Reasons To Stay Alive,” who nearly killed himself at 24, added:

“Depression is one of those illnesses that don’t care about your bank balance or your nice house or the Oscar you keep in your bathroom. Depression is not a movie. It is not always ‘about’ something. it is also something that can be invisible. A depressive will very often pretend to be something else.”

Whoopi Goldberg was among many recalling Williams.

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