Plastic Jesus portrait. Photo via Facebook
Plastic Jesus portrait. Photo via Facebook

What would Jesus do about the smashed Trump star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? God knows. But Plastic Jesus is on the record: He wouldn’t replace it.

Trump star on Hollywood Walk of Fame before and after vandalism. Image via

“In my opinion, [Trump] should not have one in the first place,” Plastic Jesus says. “His contribution to the arts is very questionable.”

A former photojournalist, the British-born street artist gained world fame in July when he erected a 6-inch-tall wall, topped with “barbed wire,” around the Trump star in protest against the presidential hopeful’s plans for a border wall

Contacted in San Francisco, the man called Plastic Jesus expressed no sympathy for James Otis, the confessed demolition man who faces vandalism charges after being arrested Thursday.

“My first reaction was: Not a great thing to do,” said the Mid-Wilshire resident dubbed the “L.A. Banksy,” who first heard of the act Wednesday morning “like most people” via Facebook. “Just a pretty small-minded act.”

Otis, the man who said he bashed Trump’s star this week because of outrage over Trump’s treatment of women, was released from custody hours after the arrest. He told City News Service that his original plan was to remove Trump’s entire star, then auction it off on election day, giving the proceeds to the women who allege they were groped or sexually mistreated by Trump.

But Plastic Jesus doesn’t agree. “I don’t condone this kind of act,” he said of the star attack. “It does nothing to add to an intelligent discussion about Trump and his candidacy, action or policies. The perp could have made a valid point about Trump’s behavior toward women in a way that would have added to the conversation.”

Plastic Jesus built wall around Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in mid-July. Photo via Facebook

Plastic Jesus said he’d never heard of Otis before the vandalism.

But the “guerrilla” street artist who also gained notoriety for his “No Trump Anytime” street signs said he plans a Trump project for “when he loses the election.”

He declined to provide details, but noted he won’t have a direct hand in Trump’s defeat.

“I can’t vote,” Plastic Jesus said. “I’m not a citizen. Just a green-card holder. I’m entitled to pay taxes in this great nation, but not allowed to contribute to the democracy.”

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