Not even waiting for the new Congress to be sworn in, Keith Olbermann has elected himself leader of the Resistance to a President Donald Trump — using his GQ web platform as megaphone to the masses.

Keith Olbermann. Image via Twitter
“Since no Democratic or liberal politician has yet stepped forward out of the morass of Politics Inc. to take on the responsibility of The Resistance, I, with complete awareness of the presumptuousness and arrogance of this statement, volunteer myself, and I will gladly turn over all these burdens to any more legitimate and informed lawmaker or political or cultural leader who has the guts to take these burdens,” he said.

“The first step is to complete the de-legitimizing of his presidency and his election. De-legitimizing that he himself began.”

In so doing, Olbermann is taking a page from a rabble-rouser on the right — Rush Limbaugh, who used his radio show to attack President Obama for eight years.

In late January 2009, just after Obama’s inauguration, one British reporter wrote of Limbaugh: “Amid the swooning for the new Democratic president, the Right-wing presenter has emerged as an unofficial leader of the opposition, filling a vacuum exposed by Mr Obama’s handsome electoral victory.

Just before Obama took office, Limbaugh said: “I hope Obama fails.”

“I’m happy to be the last man standing,” the talk-show host said. “I’m honored to be the last man standing. Yeah, I’m the true maverick. I can do more than four words.”

Olbermann’s goal? “Just get this man out of here.”

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