Sarah Palin’s trial balloon about having a military veterans role in the Trump administration is being popped big league.

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin in undated photo. Image via Twitter
Whether it’s secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs or some other title, Twitter offers some classic reactions:

“Making Sarah Palin head of the VA makes about as much sense as giving a stray cat a driver’s license,” said one.

“When I thought to myself, ‘self, who could fix the massive bureaucratic issues at the VA?’ the first name that came to mind was Sarah Palin,” said another.

A third of thousands: “Sarah Palin is bein’ considered to head Veteran’s Affairs, or as Sarah calls it: ‘Soldiers Cheatin’ on Their Wives.'”

All this on the same day that Palin is getting attention for telling Breitbart News Daily’s radio show: “No doubt, divine providence played a huge role in this election.”

The former veep candidate continued, according to The Independent: “Remember, our Founders dedicated this land, this new country that would be America, this idea of America, dedicated it to God. If I were President, I’d re-dedicate us to God”

Here’s how others reacted to the thought of Palin-in-Washington:

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