Kim Kardashian West participates in a television interview as she arrives for the 20th Annual Webby Awards. REUTERS
Kim Kardashian West in a television interview at 20th Annual Webby Awards. Photo via Reuters

Anyone who still thinks Kim Kardashian faked her Paris robbery was given pause Monday after French police arrested 17 people they say are tied to the crime.

(Any media outlet that doubted the jewelry heist was given pause after Ms. West sued MediaTakeOut, which issued an apology and posted a retraction.)

The New York Daily News reported: “Paris police announced the arrests of suspects ranging in age from 23 to 72, all of whom were known for prior robberies and crimes. During the morning raids, authorities uncovered a stash of firearms, plus about 140,000 euros ($147,500) in cash.”

The New York Times added that investigators had identified some of the assailants using DNA found at the crime scene and security camera footage.

A police spokesman said that officers had used that information to set up a surveillance operation that had uncovered a wider criminal network, the Times said.

The BBC said: “The police organised crime brigade carried out dawn raids on Monday in the Paris area, in Rouen in the north and in Nice in the south. … Following the discovery (of DNA samples), a team of six detectives tapped the phones of suspects and even tracked a meeting involving a member of the gang and potential buyers of Kardashian West’s jewels.”

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