Courtesy of Los Angeles 2024
Courtesy of Los Angeles 2024

Los Angeles may have made a major Mickey Mouse move in its drive to bring the Olympic games to Southern California in 2024.

Disney studios joined with other star-studded Hollywood heavyweights Tuesday to promise film stars galore promoting the games if Los Angeles beats out Paris as the host city.

According to LA 2024, the nonprofit committee leading the city’s bid, Disney, Fox, NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. will play “a central role in pre- Games communications activity as LA 2024 harnesses iconic actors and artists, leading-edge technologies and new media best practices to build powerful engagement across the US and around the world.”

No big star names were specified, but presumably Disney’s animated icon Mickey Mouse would be high on the publicity front.

Los Angeles is competing with Paris to host the Olympics. Budapest dropped out of the running earlier this month. The host city will be chosen by the International Olympic Committee in September.

“Hollywood is a dream factory and a beloved creator of stories that inspire and entertain people around the world,” LA 2024 Chairman Casey Wasserman said. “The Olympic and Paralympic Games create stories, and linking the magic of the Games and Hollywood is a dream come true.”

LA 2024 also hopes to solicit the studios for help planning the opening and closing ceremonies, which would be held at the Memorial Coliseum in Exposition Park and the new NFL stadium under construction in Inglewood.

“LA is the creative capital of the United States. It is a city where technology, entertainment and new media meet and create globally relevant, captivating content,” Walt Disney Co. Chairman and CEO and LA 2024 Vice Chair Bob Iger said. “This industry is constantly changing, but the city of Angels will always be at its forefront thanks to the pioneering people and companies who choose to make their home here. That is what makes LA such an exciting environment to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. “

— City News Service

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