Elton John isn’t even 70 yet. (That comes March 25.) But he’s already hitting the old-man notes in his latest critique of American radio.

“There comes a point where you have to admit that you’re not gonna get played on the radio in America because it’s ageist,” John says in the upcoming book “Captain Fantastic” by Tom Doyle. “There’s a whole stream of different music come along now. And you have to face up to it.”

Heatstreet, which first reported the quote, adds: “It’s not John’s first brush with American radio. In 1976 he came out as bisexual to Rolling Stone magazine and was reportedly dropped by some radio stations as a result. But ultimately his sales didn’t suffer.

“Yet the last time his new music — as opposed to his classics such as ‘Your Song’ and ‘Tiny Dancer’ — received extensive airplay on U.S. radio stations was 15 years ago with the singles from his Songs from the West Coast album.”

A harsh rejoinder came on Twitter: “Elton John says Radio Stations are ‘ageist’ because they are not playing his new music; maybe his new stuff just SUCKS?”

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