Richard Simmons is on vacation. So says his older brother, Lenny, the latest connection to shoot down rumors about the “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” star and his absence from public view.

Richard Simmons in 2011. Photo via Wikipeda Commons
“Lenny recently appeared on the podcast ‘Missing Richard Simmons,’ which also continues to stir up speculation about his well-being,” said the New York Daily News.

“The Los Angeles Police Department has made frequent welfare checks to his home after receiving reports that he wasn’t doing well, only to learn he was just trying to live a private life.”

Lenny told ET: “My brother certainly deserves his vacation. I certainly cannot fault him for wanting to do that. I would just hope people [can] be a little bit more respectful and realize that he’s worked hard and he still loves people — but he needs some time for himself.”

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