KFI radio’s Wendy Walsh, called “America’s thought leader on relationships and the authority on love, sex and romantic relationships,” is getting pushback on her accusations against Bill O’Reilly.

Wendy Walsh on MSNBC. Image via YouTube.com
And it’s The Washington Post doing the pressing, not just Fox News.

“In view of the stakes involved, O’Reilly’s camp is vigorously contesting Walsh’s allegation, in an unusually public way,” said a story by media reporter Paul Farhi. “His advocates have challenged details of her story, as well as some of the media reporting about it.”

Among the issues raised:

“Walsh was a guest on ‘The Factor’ 13 times after her meeting with O’Reilly in Los Angeles, appearing almost weekly from late February until mid-June of that year. He mentioned her book four times after it was published in mid-April and repeatedly showed its cover on the air.

“O’Reilly also was apparently instrumental in securing for Walsh an appearance on the daytime chat program ‘The View’ in mid-April during which she also promoted her book.”

Hence the argument is that Walsh wasn’t hurt by rebuffing O’Reilly on his invitation to visit his hotel suite during a dinner meeting in Los Angeles in February 2013. Nor did she take enough offense.

“That year,” said the story, “Walsh wrote to one of O’Reilly’s producers in mid-April, asking him for further promotional help.”

The Post notes an email in which Walsh writes: “Please, please, pretty please, can we do a segment on my book on the 25th???”

“O’Reilly didn’t take up her suggestions, but Walsh did travel from Los Angeles to New York to appear on the Fox News set with him for her regular segment that day,” the Post says.

According to Wikipedia, “Walsh began her television career in the early 1990s in Los Angeles as a news reporter for the city’s UPN affiliate. Walsh also served as a west coast correspondent for NBC’s Weekend Today show. … Since 2015 Walsh has hosted The Dr. Wendy Walsh Show on KFI AM 640 Radio Los Angeles.”

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